Employee ROI Assessment Tool

Find out how employee recognition can drive value for your business by influencing behavior, strengthening culture, and increasing employee retention.

To calculate the cost of in-kind incentives and the impact on your team, it is important to know what percentage of their annual fixed compensation you would be willing to reward them with. For example, if you select to award 10% and your team has an average salary of 50.000 euros/year, you would award each employee 5.000 euros/year (416 euros/month).

The recognition with GumsUp could generate annually.

Let's break down how to get a return times higher with only an investment of ( of compensation).

Average wage
turnover rate

talent retention

Effective recognition can reduce churn by 31%, saving money normally spent to find and onboard new employees.

expected replacement

replacement cost

reduction replacement

boost performance

Effective recognition increases engagement and can increase productivity by up to 17%! Let's use a conservative estimate of 1%.

no employees


performance increase

employee absenteeism

Effective recognition enhances the employee experience, reducing absenteeism by up to 41%.

no employees


average earnings of employees x 3,2% average absenteeism

Absenteeism reduction

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