Specialists in loyalty platforms and commercial motivation systems

Easily integrate our next generation platforms with digital gifts, Matching learning and social tools to increase your business sales

Increase the productivity and commitment of your employees

GumsUp is an attractive incentive and motivation platform for companies seeking to boost the productivity and loyalty of their employees.

Transform the way you reward your employees and reach new heights of performance!

Incentives and motivation platform for sales teams, Smart Goals

Incentivize and manage your sales team

Incentive platform

Incentive and gamification platform for employees, Smart Goals

Propel your team to success with our state-of-the-art rewards and recognition system

With customizable rewards and an effective recognition system, our platform motivates your team to achieve goals and exceed expectations.

Loyalty Platform, Smart loyalty

Build customer loyalty and create online promotions

By integrating our points and rewards program you will be able to retain more of your customers and attract new ones, exponentially increasing your sales.

Instagram smart loyalty

By integrating our points and rewards program you will be able to retain more of your customers and attract new ones, exponentially increasing your sales.

Gift card distribution program for companies, Smart Rewards

Reward with the best digital and physical gifts integrated into your platform

With our extensive global experience in processing and distributing digital gift cards, we offer you the perfect solution. Create your gift card program now and activate your distribution for both B2B and B2C clients.

gifts smart loyalty

Manage to mobilize your panelists with the best catalog of gifts with international reach, immediate and high perceived value.

Catalog of digital and physical gifts, Smart Rewards

Specific service for these industries Loyalty and commercial incentive services specialized for your industry


Sector-specific motivation and management systems.


Services for Commercially Motivated Banking. Specialized in financing, insurance and much more.

Hotel services and tourism

Promotional tools and prizes designed specifically for this sector.


Incentive platforms for commercial agents and end customer loyalty.


Loyalty and attract new customers thanks to our large loyalty network with thousands of prizes.

Call Center

Customized platform to motivate your Contact Center agents.

Why Gums Up?

We are experts in Loyalty and incentive systems


always guaranteeing the highest quality and security.

With top-tier clients who trust us to manage their incentive platforms and boost their sales.


We are a proud winner of the prestigious recognition for 4 years in a row at Mobile World Congress! The Generalitat de Catalunya and Acció have selected us as one of the most promising technological companies of the moment.

Trust Recognition Innovation

we have been selected 4 years consecutive in the Mobile World Congress by The Generalitat of Catalonia and Acció as one of the most promising technology companies in Catalonia.

We manage more than 1M euros in incentives per year.



We take advantage of the latest digital technologies to optimize businesses and boost their effectiveness in an exceptional way. We strive to always stay one step ahead of our competitors, with the goal of providing the best possible service to our valued customers.

Trust us to obtain innovative solutions and exceed your expectations.

Extensive global capacity: We work in Europe, America and Asia to drive your success around the world

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